Technology Platform

UNICEL eMobile Gateway is UNICEL’s advanced convergent technology platform that brings innovation, functionality, security and control to the enterprise. Providing seamless integration of a wide variety of applications, services and channels, the UNICEL eMobile Gateway makes way for a plethora of benefits:
  • Built on the industry’s leading ESP platform with SOA architecture: fastest platform in the industry, higher capacities, better scalability levels
  • Layer7 security filtering: Latest industry-standard in security ensures optimum filtering
  • Multi-operator SMSCs: Intelligent re-routing of messages over multiple operator networks
  • Last-mile Operator Connectivity: Unique Interim Reports, with maximum message security (as messages are never exposed over the internet)
  • Widest API connectivity options - HTTP, HTTPS, XML, FTP, SOAP over HTTP, SMPP, SMTP: Enables connectivity to a Legacy mainframe and also to complex custom applications.
  • Analytic Capabilities: Allows complex analytics and relevant data filtering
  • Intelligent Retrial and Flexible Scheduling: The versatility and flexibility of the platform allows the customer to control choices like validity of message, number of attempts, etc. and alter them, on the fly, in an instant.
  • Last-mile connectivity: Access between our platform and our clients’ infrastructure happens securely, with a variety of options including HTTPS, VPN-based connectivity, SS7 wrapper over TCP, SSH-based connectivity and also over MPLS.
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