Sales Force Automation

The Sales Force Automation solution from Unicel helps enterprises drive efficiency and productivity across industry verticals. A highly mobile sales team needs real-time information to make informed decisions. The sales manager needs regular reports from the team on the field and present consolidated sales reports to the senior management. The Sales Force Automation solution facilitates real-time information sharing and reporting through streamlined processes. The result is a better view of the sales funnel, a shorter sales cycle, improved planning, and faster decision-making.
The solution works on the Virtual Number platform. Sales persons send a SMS in a pre-defined format and send it to the Virtual Number. The data reaches the area manager’s phone in the form of an SMS. The data also gets automatically tallied in excel sheets which the manager can view in his email inbox or via a web application. Similarly reports from each area/region get collated and sent to the regional manager. Automatic SMS reminders are sent to team members who have not sent daily reports or have not collected payments from customers.
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