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Unicel Technologies adds Text-to-Speech to its voice offerings

Bangalore, India - January 08, 2014 – Unicel Technologies Pvt Ltd, a leader in the cloud communications market in India, today announced that the company has added Text-to-Speech to its cloud based voice solutions. Enterprise users can now effortlessly convert their SMSes into voice calls and make voice broadcasts in a much simpler manner as compared to other offerings in the market. The solution is delivered on Unicel’s cloud platform, which delivers integrated solutions over SMS, Voice, USSD, and Email to the enterprise community.

“Addition of text-to-speech aims to add simplicity to our integrated communication solutions, the value proposition around which Unicel’s offerings are built. A voice message is a highly interactive and engaging mode of communication that can help enterprises enhance their communications with its stakeholders.” - said Sanjay Aggarwal, CEO, Unicel Technologies.

Founded in 2003, Unicel Technologies provides Integrated Cloud Communications Solutions across SMS, Voice, USSD, and Email. Unicel has led the march in Enterprise Communications in India, delivered over the cloud, since the day of its inception. The industry-recognized expertise in cloud communications has enabled Unicel to help revolutionize the way enterprises connect and interact with different players in the value chain. Today Unicel is proud to have over 1000 plus enterprise customers, including a major chunk of the Fortune 500 brands in India.

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