A unique marketing solution from Unicel is mCampaigner. It allows companies to create interactive mobile campaigns directly from the desktop. It provides a platform to measure marketing efforts, and gives access to prospective customers and qualified leads. The campaigner decides whether the message is a push-based message to be sent to a database or a pull-based, depending on audience response to an external campaign.
Some features of mCampaigner:
  • Set date and time of out-bound message delivery
  • Select to send to any database source
  • Create the message including text/logos/ring tones or picture message
  • Personalise messages with information from database, i.e. recipient’s first name, etc.
  • A completely automated service with capability to send promotional messages to potential customers at one go.
  • Allows campaign definition on broad parameters such as target interest areas, message/e-coupon, start date and time, and duration of campaign, trigger conditions (location, time)
  • Allows campaigned to be dimensioned on number of accessible subscribers and executes only on a successful fulfillment of criteria.
  • Provides extensive reporting and has capability to email them directly to concerned person. Some of the reporting aspects include, total number of targeted subscribers, number of target subscribers for whom criteria met, message delivered, total number of successful and unsuccessful message delivery attempts.
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