IT Network Management

Unicel offers enterprises an Asset Management messaging solution that facilitates in the monitoring and management of large facilities. The smooth running of the IT infrastructure is critical for many businesses. Companies that manage the IT infrastructure of such organizations are tied to SLAs that assure zero downtime. An effective way to monitor and manage the infrastructure of such assets is a simple SMS. The Unicel solution builds triggers into the system that send out automatic alerts to the IT infrastructure team in case of any specified alert or threshold point. This function can enhance critical agility to asset management teams across a host of verticals where dependability and all-time availability are key contributors to business.
- Server Management
- Power-plant Administration
- Infrastructure Management (Airports, Docks, etc)
- Datacenter and Network management
Some of the applications that can be implemented are as follows:
  • Monitoring of various critical servers in a network by checking their accessibility, CPU usage, memory availability, page file size, directory size, disk space etc. and generate automatic SMS alert if there is a problem.
  • Monitoring of critical services and processes in a particular server and send automatic SMS alert if the service or process stops.
  • Monitoring database servers, mail servers, web servers, ftp servers for status, availability, accessibility and health and generate SMS alert in case of any problem.
  • Monitoring various active network components, viz. router, switch, firewall etc and generate SMS alert in case of any error or fault condition.
  • Monitor health of backup power supply (UPS) and generate SMS alert in case of an unhealthy condition, so that the problem can be rectified immediately and an emergency situation in case of a power failure can be avoided.
  • Monitor server room environment (temperature, humidity etc.) using intelligent sensors connected to SMS Application Server and generate automatic SMS alert in case of problems
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