InteractOne, Unicel's breakthrough Call Center and IVR Management Solution, takes customer service to the next level. The solution designs and hosts a complete IVR system for an enterprise with features such as call queuing, call back SMS and call bridging. Apart from managing callers dialing into the existing customer care lines, this insightful solution can:
  • Automatically records the caller's message/support issue
  • Maintains detailed records of all callers and the options he/she chose and displays it in a simple UI for the support executive
  • Manages a queue of waiting callers directing and diverting them as required
  • Sends an SMS promising a call-back to callers when the queue is full or if the customer chooses a callback
  • Automatically patches caller with the call center once a line is free
  • Intelligent call hunting to call centre staff
Virtual call centre integrates with fixed line infrastructure and Mobile phones allowing our customers to having floating/on-field call centre executives and not spend on massive amounts of infrastructure. This solution also has the ability to integrate with UNICEL Virtual Number platform allowing extension of SMS communication with end customers in addition to voice. Ability to call a customer back based on a MO SMS or a missed call is a unique feature that is very useful for UNICEL customers looking for a cost effective method of communicating with their clients.

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